Protecting Your Watch from Water Damage and What to Do if it Happens

by Cheryl Dunn

Most watches are resistant to the occasional dunking in the sink or being sprayed with a hose. However, over time, it is important to do a bit of maintenance to the watchcase to keep it from being damaged by water getting into the gears. If you see water inside the face, or notice moisture around the back cover, there are a few steps you should take to dry it out and keep it running.

Seal Maintenance

Gaskets and seals can become dry and brittle and crack with age. You should have the seals on your watch checked once a year to ensure there are no areas that will allow moisture to get inside. A jeweler, or watch repair professional will perform a pressure test on the watch to ensure that it is still water resistant.

Keep Moisture at a Minimum

Anytime your watch gets wet, it is important that you dry it off completely as soon as possible. Any water droplets that stay on the outside of the piece can work their way inside if there is even a pinhole in the seal. Use a soft cloth to prevent scratching the glass face.

Get the Water Out

If you are afraid that water has gotten into the case of the watch, you will need to remove the back cover and pour it out. It is important that you do this slowly and gently so none of the pieces in the watch fall out. Allow it to sit with the cover off until all the water is out. Once you do not see any droplets, turn the watch over onto its face and let it air dry for at least 24 hours.

Get the Seal Replaced

After the watch is dry and the cover put back on, it is imperative that you take it to the watch repair store, like Parker Time, for a new seal. Even if you do not put your arm in water with the watch on, there will be many times the watch will come in contact with moisture that can seep inside. You may not even realize the watch got wet until it quits working.

A good watch can last a lifetime if properly cared for. It can be something you pass down to your children, or could be something that belonged to a parent and was given to you. The biggest, most common threat to a watch is water damage. Take the time to have the seal tested regularly, and make sure you dry it out if it does get wet and it will always keep time for you.