Spring Entertaining | 4 Tips To Prepare a Fabulous Party-Ready Lawn

by Cheryl Dunn

Lawn maintenance is difficult in any season, but it is especially hard during dreary winters. Nevertheless, you do the hard work because your lawn is your pride and joy. Now that winter is finally over, you're hosting a spring party, and you want to show off the lawn you worked so hard to maintain during winter. Here are some tips to make your lawn look even more fabulous in preparation for the spring party.

Let Your Lawn Breathe Again

Soil tends to get compacted during winters. Compact soil is hard for air, water and roots to penetrate, making it hard for grass to grow. Aeration requires penetrating the soil with holes to enable air, water and other nutrients to reach the grass roots. It's ideal to aerate your lawn during growing season, so that grass can heal and fill open soil areas. Aerate your lawn in early spring, just after winter and a few weeks before your spring party. This helps roots grow more deeply and increases the vigour of your lawn.

Roll Out the Green Spring Carpet

When you prepare the lawn for spring entertaining, you need to follow some basic lawn maintenance rules. Remember that your female guests are likely to have high heels-–heels and bumpy lawns are the worst combinations. To prevent nasty falls, dress the top of your lawn with soil so that you fill out the bumps uniformly. Apply lawn fertiliser a few weeks before the party to boost the beautiful green grass colour. When you mow the lawn for the party, make sure not to trim it too short. Some guests like to stand and slightly longer grass will be more restful underfoot.

Add Colourful Vitality

When you're preparing the lawn for the spring party, why not add some contrasting colours to bring some vitality to your lawn? Add some red brick or stone borders to break the monotony of an all-green lawn. Combine flat stone pavers from the lawn to your home for a dual effect-–it creates a functional entrance pathway and adds to the aesthetic value of your lawn.

Protection From Insects

Beautiful grassy lawns can easily attract insects that will ruin all the hard work you put into preparing for a fabulous party. Keep the pests at bay by using citronella candles and pest sprays. Citronella oil is a natural insect repellant made from oils of different types of grass. They illuminate your lawn beautifully and keep the pests away.

Hosting a spring lawn party requires as much lawn maintenance as it does planning the elements of the party. With these basic maintenance tips, your lawn will be the toast of the town. Call a professional, like MBM Grounds Maintenance, if you have severe damage or pending questions.