Want to Make a Better First Impression? 2 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

by Cheryl Dunn

If you want to make a great first impression when someone pulls into your driveway, there are some changes you can make, such as your giving your garage door a makeover, and adding some lighting to your landscaping.

Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

In many cases, the garage door is an eyesore on homes. If you are not ready to replace your current door, you can give it a makeover. One thing you can do is to paint it. You can change the colour to match the trim on your home, or repaint it the same colour.

Put some blooming vines on the top of the garage roof so they will cascade down the side of it. This creates a charming and beautiful focal point when someone looks at your garage.

You can also add an arbour that frames the garage door. You can then put potted plants and flowers on top of the arbour, or it looks beautiful on its own. You can paint it to match your garage door.

Decorative trim added to a garage gives it more kerb appeal. For example, if your garage door is brown, you could put white trim on it.  You could trim along the sides and top, or put trim on the front of the door in different designs.

If you would like to upgrade your door, you can contact a company like The Roller Door Doctor.

Use Motion Detector Lighting

Outdoor lighting gives your home a welcoming feel at night. You can add lighting to different areas, such as outside your front door, along a walkway, on trees, and much more. If you have trees along a walkway, for example, you can put white Christmas lights on them to shine all year long.

Put motion detector lights outside your front door that will turn on automatically when someone walks up to it. This not only helps your visitor see better, but also lets you see who is outside your door before you open it. There are different types of motion detector lights you can use.

A single halogen light is designed to be used over a garage door. In most cases, they will automatically illuminate when a car approaches within 3.6 metres.

There are also solar-powered lights, which turn on when it becomes dark outside. This type of light needs to have sunshine during the daylight hours to shine at night. If you have a few days when it is cloudy outside, they may not be able to function until they get power from the sun again.

You can choose a motion detector light for your driveway, which warns you of approaching vehicles. There are also driveway lights that will alert you inside your home that someone is driving up your driveway. The lights will come on when the motion detector senses the vehicle.

If you would like to make some changes to the outside of your home, these two ways are a great way to do it.   You can also do all of this yourself, which will help you save some money.