3 Tips For Making Your Workplace Safer And More Secure

by Cheryl Dunn

Australia is a country that undergoes more burglaries (Slide 3) than anywhere else in the world, according to crime statistics. Because of this, you need to be extra certain that you protect yourself, your property and your employees from that threat. A burglary can bring property loss, property destruction and threats of violence, so follow some of these tips to help make your office building and overall workplace safer from outside threats. 

Receive An Audit From A Commercial Locksmith

Before changing your regular habits, you need to know just how safe or unsafe your office building is in its current state. A great way to do this is by touching base with a commercial locksmith in your area, such as On The Spot Locksmiths, for an inspection. They will find areas of weakness and can recommend ways to better safeguard your office space. 

Some of the services they can handle for you include:

  • The installation and creation of master keys
  • High tech alarm systems 
  • The inclusion of panic buttons
  • Lighting systems that respond to motion and provide exposure to blind spots

Install Surveillance Systems

You don't need to have an incredibly advanced surveillance system for it to make a difference for your building. As long as you get cameras installed that can expose potential threats from all major angles, you can work to eliminate danger. Surveillance cameras allow you to build a case against a perpetrator who chooses to break in to or vandalize your property. By having clear footage of the incident, you'll have exactly what you need for both police and insurance reports. 

Periodically Change Security Credentials

Depending on the type of business that you run, it may make sense to have a tiered level of security credentials. For instance, essential, upper level personnel might have access to different key codes or building areas that others might not. When setting up this tier system, make it clear that this information or access is not to be shared. What this does is allows you and law enforcement to better solve cases, since you have exact knowledge of who has access to which areas of the building. 

To take this a step further, make sure that you take the keys of any employees who leave the job or are terminated. Change the alarm system code periodically to be sure that it cannot be guessed, or accessed by someone who used to know it. 

When you follow these steps, you are taking tremendous strides toward making your workplace safer and more secure.