Costly Plumbing Mistakes a Homeowner Should Avoid

by Cheryl Dunn

Are you making mistakes that necessitate the need to hire a plumber? Once in a while you will need the services of a plumber, like Duncan's Plumbing Service, but you could avoid certain costly mistakes.

Leaving Hoses Connected All Year

This is one mistake that happens too often. Leaving horses connected especially during winter is an expensive mistake. This will cause the outdoor faucet or sillcock to freeze. This will damage the water supply necessitating the need for a plumber. This will also wear out the hose, and you will be forced to keep replacing it.

Using Vent Pipes For The Wrong Use

Vent pipes are not meant for anything else other than venting. You will find homeowners using vent pipes to run down TV cables. Indeed, it may be an easy solution, but vent pipes provide much needed air to drains, and you could be interfering with this. Vent pipes also serve the function of preventing suction effects, which may inhibit the drainage. They also eliminate sewer gases that could be emitted from the main sewer. When you cut holes in your vent pipes to run your cable wire, you're also messing with the sewer air supply of your neighbors.

Pouring Chemicals Into The Septic System

If you have a private sewer, then you understand the importance of keeping your sewer clean. However, if you have a shared system, or you're renting a cottage you may be tempted to drain cleaners, chlorine bleach, anti-bacterial soaps and paints down the drain. These chemicals end up killing the waste eating bacteria found in the septic tank. This clogs and corrodes the drainage pipes. Soon you will need the services of a plumber, while this could have been avoided.

Pouring Grease And Waste Down The Drain

Grease is the number one cause of clogged drains. When cleaning dishes it becomes very hard not to drain things like rice, potato peels, veggie peels and fibrous foods such as chard and asparagus. At times it looks harmless because the quantities are small; however, a little bit of these everyday will cause a major clog.

Using Drain Cleaner Excessively

Drain cleaners are effective in clearing clogs. They release heat which makes grease and soap-like substances easier to dissolve. However, they should not be used on a daily basis. This is because they can corrode drain materials which can make clogs worse. They also kill the beneficial bacteria.

You can avoid those late night plumbing emergencies, by avoiding these costly mistakes.