Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood Privacy Shutters

by Cheryl Dunn

Finding the right shutters for your window covering needs is about finding durability, weatherproofing, and style.  A popular choice is to use a vinyl shutter, but before you decide on that option, consider a more environmentally friendly alternative. Reclaimed wood privacy shutters do not use new resources, offer several benefits to the homeowner, and are easily accessible through reclaimed wood contractors. Here are a few of the benefits of using reclaimed wood privacy shutters for your home.


Most reclaimed wood, especially wood that is already in shutter form, has been treated and weatherproofed over the years. It also has a low moisture content, which makes it less susceptible to mould, wood rot, and mildew. This makes it an ideal choice for privacy shutters that can double as weather shutters during extreme rainy conditions.

Environmentally Sound

Choosing a reclaimed wood option is an environmentally sound choice. By choosing reclaimed shutters or wood to create the shutters, you are avoiding new wood being harvested. You are also saving a wood resource from being destroyed in fire or by other means that could release pollutants into the air. Also, when wood is destroyed in bulk, it is usually done in mass which uses not only electrical resources but also carbon-based resources that can be harmful to the environment.

Easy to Find

Reclaimed wood is an easy to find resource available through estate sales, antique stores and through contractors who deal in reclaimed wood. Since reclaimed wood also includes shutters and window fittings, you are more likely to find the shutters already created and ready to install.

Harder Wood

Reclaimed wood shutters, especially those that were used on farmhouses and in barns, are generally from a harder wood. This is connected to the stage the wood was harvested. If the reclaimed wood is considered antique, then it likely came from a wood source known as virgin wood. This wood was harvested from trees that were allowed to age to maturity, or around a hundred years or more. In comparison, wood today is harvested from much younger trees that have been given less than a decade to mature. This more mature wood is harder and longer lasting.

These are just four of the reasons that you should consider reclaimed wood shutters as your choice for privacy shutters. When you are ready to purchase reclaimed wood or the ready-made shutters, contact a local shutter retailer, such as Illawarra Blinds & Awnings. They will give you a quote, your design options, and an installation date.