How to Save Energy in the Winter

by Cheryl Dunn

With winter just around the corner, you are probably gearing up to spend more money on your heating bills. The very idea of turning on the heat may be putting a pit in your stomach, as you remember how much you spent on your heating bills last winter. With home heating oil prices going up on a regular basis, it is no surprise you want to learn how to lower your bill. There are ways that you can cut down on the amount of heat you use and, thus, reduce the amount you spend on your heating.

Bundle Up

Instead of relying on only your heat to keep you warm, use clothing to keep you cozy during the winter. Bundle up in long sleeves, sweaters, sweatshirts and socks. When you're lounging on the couch, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket. Put flannel sheets and a few extra blankets on your bed. With all of these additions, you might find that you actually want to turn your heat off instead of on.

Utilize the Sun

The sun is a valuable source of free heat. Why not take advantage of it to heat your home? Pull open the shades and let the sun flood into your house during the day. You'll notice a marked difference in the temperature when you let the sun shine in.

Hang Thermal Curtains

Cover your windows with thermal curtains. These curtains have several layers and are made of materials that retain heat and prevent it from getting sucked out of your windows. Another benefit of these curtains is that they can significantly darken a room, making for better sleeping conditions.

Install a Digital Thermostat

With a digital thermostat, you'll have better control of your heat. You can set it so that it runs at a certain temperature at certain times of the day. So, for example, you can set it so that the heat is lower during the day and rises when you are about to get home.

Turn on a Fan

A ceiling fan, that is. Since heat rises, putting a ceiling fan on a low setting will push that heat down and spread it throughout the room.

Use LED Lights

Trade in your decorations for new ones that are powered with LED lights. Incandescent bulbs can cost more to operate than LED bulbs. By switching out your lights, you'll notice a definite reduction in your electric bill.

When the winter rolls around, put these tips to use and you'll be much happier–and so will your wallet. If you have noticed that your heater is costing more than you should, call an HVAC professional, like Tas Energy Savers. It is possible simple repairs is all that is needed to get it working properly.