Patio Cleaning Using Stain Solver

by Cheryl Dunn

The patio is a section of your garden for entertainment and relaxation. Cleaning and maintaining your patio should be an integral part of your house cleaning schedule since it is the place where you unwind and entertain guests. This article seeks to outline steps you can follow when cleaning your patio using stain solver.

What Is Stain Solver?

Stain solver is am organic oxygen bleach. This product is used to clean and deodorise anything that can be cleaned with water. This includes clothes, linen, carpets decks, sidewalks and patios. It is advisable to use eye protection when working with stain solver as it is a toxic substance.


Clear your patio of furniture and fixtures. Get rid of moss and pests residing in between the stones using polymeric sand.  You can also remove weeds that may have grown between your decking or patio tiles using polymeric sand. You just have to pour a portion of the sand to the affected area. Using a broom, sweep the sand into the joints. Tap the stones with a mallet for the sand to settle well between them. Use a leaf blower to dispel excess sand.

Spot Test

Before you can use stain solver on your stone patio, you need to test it on a small area you want to clean. Mix a scoop of the oxidiser with one quart of hot water. Pour the mixture on the testing spot and wait for 12 minutes. Scrub the spot and rinse properly.

 Preparation for cleaning the Patio

Mix hot water--5 gallon capacity--with four scoops of the stain solver bleach. Mix until all the granules dissolve in water.

Apply the solution to a small area of the stone patio. Only mix the amount of solution you are able to work with in a period of 30 minutes. After this period, the solution loses its potency. Leave the solution on the surface for 12 minutes.

Work in Sections

After 12 minutes, apply the rest of the solution to the rest of the patio.  While the remaining part of the patio is soaking with the solution, you should be scrubbing the initial surface that was soaked in the solution for 12 minutes. This is what is referred to as working in sections.

Scrub the section one thoroughly using a brush. Rinse this section and start scrubbing the second section. Rinse the second section, and rinse the whole patio, like from Apollo Patios Newcastle using a pressure washer. Allow the patio to dry for an hour before replacing the furniture.