Efficient heating through underfloor systems

by Cheryl Dunn

Homeowners have a wide variety of heating systems to choose from.  One great alternative is underfloor heating. This modern system has huge advantages over other systems. Furthermore, underfloor heating works with every type of home design. It can also be retrofitted to most existing homes. Underfloor heating is installed beneath the flooring, from where heat radiates upwards, warming the entire home.

Why you need underfloor heating

Underfloor heating solves many heating challenges experienced by homeowners. These include:

  • Warm floors: Underfloor heating warms the whole floor and not just the air. This makes floors comfortable even in winter.
  • Better air quality: Underfloor heating does not require pumping air through the home.  Radiators that pump hot air are uncomfortable and need a humidifier.
  • Less heat is required: Underfloor heating is more efficient at heat distribution. It therefore uses less energy compared to other systems.
  • Saves wall space: It negates the need for wall radiators, freeing up space for a more stylish decor.
  • It works with all floor types, including carpeting, timber, ceramic, stone, terracotta, vinyls and laminates.

Electrical underfloor heating

This utilises a series of electrical heating cables laid underneath the flooring. Also known as a dry system, the cables are laid on top of an insulating layer. This ensures heat is not lost into the ground, and only travels upwards through the floor.

The heating cables are connected to the electrical mains supply. Controls for each room can be installed centrally, or in each room depending on your preference. This leaves temperature control options at your discretion. There are various types of electric underfloor systems to suit every type of home.

Wet underfloor heating

This is also known as water underfloor heating, since it uses heated water. Hot water from an electrical or gas boiler is pumped through the home. This is done through a series of pipes laid underneath the flooring, on top of an insulating layer.

Water underfloor heating can also be used with a solar water heater. This system is additionally compatible with all floor types. It is less convenient to install retrospectively in homes, compared to electrical underfloor heating. This is because the piping system is more tedious to install, especially in the upper floors.

Underfloor heating, like with P.A.P. Heating Solutions Pty Ltd, works best if your home is well insulated to prevent heat loss. A well insulated home provides large cost savings, since less energy will be required. Your home heating professional will recommend the best heating system for your home.