How To Fix A Dripping Kitchen Faucet

by Cheryl Dunn

Kitchen faucets are some of the most frequently used faucets in a household setting. Owing to this, they are required to function in the most efficient manner possible. Despite their great strength, depending on the quality and brand, kitchen faucets sometimes malfunction by dripping even when fully turned off. This may lead to much loss of water if not repaired immediately. Here are the steps followed in fixing a dripping kitchen faucet.

Assess the dripping faucet system

Begin by turning off the water supply leading into your kitchen faucet. This will ensure that no water is wasted during the fixing process. Next, place a cover over the drain to secure any of your screws or nuts from loss. Before you proceed to purchase any replacements and materials, ensure that you accurately determine what type of faucet you are fixing.

Purchase a replacement kit

In this case, you will be fixing a dripping ball faucet. Purchase a replacement kit from your local hardware store. It will be sold to you as a complete set since ball faucets require replacement of several parts. Ensure that you are keen to purchase a kit of the correct make and model for your faucet. This kit will also contain the instruments required.

Disassemble your ball faucet

Begin by unscrewing and taking off the handle. Place it away from your work space together with its screws. Take off the cap and collar using a pair of pliers. Next, remove the washer, faucet cam and the ball. It is important to note that the washer and ball is the part that resembles a ball and socket joint. Finally, take out the springs and inlet seals by reaching in with a pair of nose pliers.

Replace the faucet parts

The first to be replaced will be the O-rings. Cut off the old ones and put in the new ones. Remember to cover them in grease before putting them in place to minimize friction as they move. Next, connect the new springs from your kit followed by the new valve seats. After the valves are well seated in place, put in the new cam washers which will also be included in your kit. After this is completed, end by re- assembling your faucet's cap and collar. Finally, screw back the handle in place and then turn the water supply back on. Open your faucet to its maximum level and then close it fully. Your faucet should be completely fixed at this point. If this does not help, call a professional, like Epg Electrical Plumbing Group Pty Ltd, for help.