Installing a security screen door

by Cheryl Dunn

Gone are the days when you could leave your house unlocked. As a matter of fact, even locking your doors is still not an adequate security deterrent. Consequently, security doors have become an important addition for the safety of your house and its occupants. Security screen doors have gained much popularity amongst homeowners as alternative options to security doors. They come in two main types, namely grilled and steel mesh screen doors.

Grilled screen doors

They are made out of strong aluminium or steel. They can also be attached directly to concrete, timber, aluminium or brick. These types of screen doors are often fitted in stores where products are displayed in the front section of the shop and provide security to make sure the items are not carried away. They offer great security and are fitted with a tough deadlock system.

Steel mesh screen doors

Given their elegant designs, steel mesh screen doors are increasingly popular amongst homeowners. They are a fantastic option as they are very strong yet extremely light and don't make your house look like a prison as grilled screen doors do. Another benefit is that the steel mesh, like with W & S Security Doors & Screens, also serves as an insect barrier, thus allowing for entry of fresh air inside the house but preventing those pesky moths, mosquitoes and other insects from entering the house.

Aspects to consider when fitting a new security screen door

The type of frame

Majority of security screen door frames are made of aluminium, steel or a metal alloy. Steel frames are the most durable amongst all the frame options.

Which option, flush-mounted or tube-frame installation?

Both forms of installation techniques provide security; however, flush-mounting the security screen door appears more natural and offers a better seal as there is no space around the opening. On the other hand, tube-frame installation means the screen door will stick out a couple of inches from the door opening as it is installed on the trim rather than within the opening.

Powder coating or painting?

Paint is normally not heat resistant; so it is likely to come off during hot sunny conditions. What's more, a painted security screen door may simply add extra maintenance costs to your budget. The best option is powder coating that is applied as a dry powder. Please note that unlike painting, powder coating hardly requires any solvent to maintain the binder as well as filler pieces in a liquid suspension. Powder coating is normally applied through electrostatic charge and forms a hard finish that is durable than typical paint.