The Benefits Of Installing A Roller Garage Door

by Cheryl Dunn

Roller style garage doors offer many benefits over conventional doors. Taking a moment to review these benefits can help you to determine whether or not a roller door is right for your home.

Roller Doors Require Less Space

Roller garage doors roll up into themselves rather than being stored in the ceiling of your garage. Consequently, these doors require far less overhead space than a standard garage door. This feature can prove quite beneficial for homeowners with nonstandard garage door openings, oversize vehicles or those who use their ceiling rafters for storage.

Roller Doors Use Fewer Moving Parts

The more moving parts a garage door uses, the higher the chances will be of something going wrong. Conventional garage doors make use of many moving parts from the use of segmented door panels to complex chain or screw driving motors.

A roller garage door, on the other hand, will simply make use of a small motor, top mounts and a guide rail. Thanks to the basic construction of these doors, the frequency with which you require repairs should be greatly reduced after choosing to switch from a conventional door to a roller door.

Roller Doors Use An Internal Battery System

The garage door openers that are used to power conventional garage doors are typically run using your home's electrical supply. Consequently, you may find that you are unable to open or close your garage door in the event of a power outage.

Roller garage doors also offer the convenience of a remote controlled opener. However, rather than relying solely on your home's electrical supply to operate this appliance, a roller door will contain an internal battery system. This battery will allow you to open your garage door even if you have lost power to your home.

Roller Doors Offer Superior Protection From Intruders

Despite their simplistic design, roller doors are able to offer a superior level of protection from intruders. This is because roller doors are constructed from durable steel materials.

The durability that steel provides also allows roller doors to offer resistance to denting, cracking and moisture damage.

In Conclusion

While conventional garage doors do have several benefits to offer, many homeowners are now finding that roller garage doors are actually the most beneficial option on the market. For more information regarding the use of a roller door on your home, be sure to contact a reputable contractor in your area to discuss the installation of your new garage door, like with United Doors Pty Ltd.