Furniture Hire: 4 Must-Have Items For Your Bollywood-Themed Office Party

by Cheryl Dunn

Routed in the celebration of colour, customs, song and dance, a Bollywood-themed party is sure to bring your otherwise ordinary office environment to life. Looking to add a bit of ethnic flair to the planning for your Bollywood-themed office party? From exotic styles to creatively coloured décor, choosing the right furniture will inspire the course of the evening. Furniture hire is an important part of the Bollywood party planning, so make sure you choose items that reflect the theme of your party. Here are some furniture items that you should hire for your Bollywood party.

Maharaja Chairs

Maharaja chairs are distinctly Indian with their intricate designs and beautiful hand carvings. Known as the chair for kings, these items placed across the party venue will enliven the room with colour and elegance. It's also a great piece of furniture for creating conversations and photo opportunities. Make your guests feel like Indian royalty by adding this exciting furniture piece to the party.

Mandaps (Indian Tents)

Mandaps are temporarily built tents that are popular at Indian weddings and parties. These tent-like structures can be erected in different colours and styles to bring out the Bollywood party theme. These stunning marquees can easily be decorated with exotic drapes, flowers and leaves for the perfect finish. Give your traditional mandap a contemporary twist with coloured lanterns and lights to make it a lively evening.

Bollywood Autorickshaw

Nothing is more characteristically Indian than a Bollywood autorickshaw. The Indian version of the classic tuk tuk, the autorickshaw is a 3-wheeler motorised vehicle for transporting people from one place to another. A beautiful Bollywood inspired autorickshaw with vibrant colours and movie pictures is a great addition to a Bollywood party. Guests can easily use it as a piece of furniture for hanging out and taking photos.

Oversized Indian Floor Cushions

Distinctively coloured Bollywood-style floor cushions can be strewn around your party area to infuse more colour into the office party. These floor cushions are usually beaded or mirrored to give it a touch of ethnic flamboyance. They are great furniture items to get some rest on after you have finished dancing to the thumping Bollywood beats.

Furniture hire is an important part of getting your office Bollywood-themed party right – so inspire a fun Bollywood style evening with vibrant colours and traditional décor. You're bound to score a few brownie points with your colleagues and bosses. They will be talking about this night for a long time to come. A furniture hire company, such as Rentasaur, can help you find the right pieces to evoke a true Bollywood feel.