Troubleshooting And Maintenance Blocked Bathroom Drains

by Cheryl Dunn

Bathroom drains are some of the most prone to blockage. They are responsible for carrying waste water from the bathroom and wash hand basin to the septic tank. Their failure to function properly or blockage can result from a number of reasons can be either internal or external. Such blockage may lead to much discomfort in a household while posing a direct threat to the inhabitants' well being. It is therefore necessary to quickly troubleshoot and address the cause of blockage. Here are some of the reasons why your bathroom drains may be blocked.

If a single fixture is clogged

If the wash hand basin is properly functioning while the bathrooms drain is clogged, it is a clear indication of a local vent problem at the individual fixture. Begin by using a plunger to force air in and out of the drain. This may solve a light blockage issue or an air lock in your drain. However, if it persists after this, you can try drain-cleaning chemical that are specifically listed for drains, such as sulfuric acid.

On the other hand, your single fixture may continue to clog even after plunging, and you may be forced to manually clear the drains. This indicates an issue with the vent or sink trap. Your wash hand basin or bathroom vent may be blocked by solid substances, soap and calcified wastes leading to blockage. In this case, you have to take it out and clean it using a brush. Proceed to scrap off the solid matter using a sharp metal object. 

If the drain is blocked and there is a pungent smell and sewage being backed up

If your system fails to drain water and instead backs up sewage that gives off a pungent smell, this is a red flag indicating a problem with your septic tank. In this case, go outside and lift off the manhole cover from your septic tank and check if its level is abnormally high. Some septic tanks may be private while others are connected to the municipal sewer outlet. If yours is private, organize for exhauster services to empty your septic tank. After this is done, your bathroom drains should return to their normal function.

If your septic tank is connected to the municipal waste outlet

From the above diagnosis, this is a clear indication of blockage at the point where your septic system drains into the municipal outlet. It may be as a result of accumulation of scum or sludge. In this case, obtain permission from the municipal and then seek professional services, like Sunshine Central Plumbing, to carry out the excavation and maintenance of the line leading into the municipal sewer.