What Is A WiFi Thermostat?

by Cheryl Dunn

A wifi thermostat is a thermostat that connects to your home's wifi system. It is simply a thermostat in the sense that it controls your home's temperature. But it can go further than that. A wifi thermostat can be controlled from anywhere you have internet access. Because of this, it has benefits not offered by a traditional thermostat, which the article will discuss here.

Reduced Costs

Air conditioning and heating costs have increased dramatically over the last decade. Homeowners are looking to this form of home automation to help control costs. A non-wifi thermostat can be pre-programmed, but it won't be nearly as specific as being able to control it from moment to moment. Any unexpected trip out of the house can be accommodated. Reduce the heat or the air conditioning, and then have it set again for a comfortable return. With cooling and heating costs as high as they are, even these small changes can make a difference to your pocketbook.

Increased Comfort

Being able to program your home's temperature from afar can also make life a little more comfortable. Turning the heat down while you take a winter holiday will save you some money, but your return will be very chilly. Taking off to your beautiful summer home is a wonderful getaway, but arriving in an overheated house takes away from your comfort. Control these situations with the press of a button, whenever you are ready.

Pets and Pipes

Sudden changes in the temperature outside can make for changes in the temperature inside. Unpredicted heat waves can make your home sweltering for your pet at home. Unexpected drops in temperature can put your pipes at risk (and chill your pets). Wifi thermostats allow you to monitor and control this from wherever you are.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Some wifi thermostats can also alert you to smoke or carbon monoxide in your home while you are there or away. Even if you have a carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm installed, it can provide you peace of mind by having an additional alarm alerting you of these dangers. This feature alone makes the wifi thermostat an extremely useful item.

Wifi thermostats are often easy to use devices. Often with touch screens, they make make a nice addition to any home.  And because they connect to the internet, any bug fixes update automatically. They are more costly than the traditional thermostats, but your heating and cooling savings will increase. And with the safety features of smoke and carbon monoxide detection, these new thermostats will pay for themselves in peace of mind.

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