Locksmiths Make New Keys For All Makes Of Vehicles

by Cheryl Dunn

Cutting new keys for a locked car used to be one of the simplest jobs a locksmith could do, and one of the most common. That can no longer be said today. Modern vehicles come equipped with computerised security locking systems. Some of these systems are relatively simple, while others, such as those where there are no actual keys but electronic key fobs, are much more complicated. After all, how can you cut a key when there is no key in the first place? Of course, there are still many older model vehicles out there, and there is still a need for traditional key cutting, along with being able to program new electronic keys.

Locksmiths Have Programming Skills

In order for locksmiths to be able to create new electronic keys, they need to know how the keys are programmed. Obviously, the reason these locks are used is for added security, as they are more difficult to reproduce. For the experienced locksmith who has programming skills, this just means that there will be a bit more work than traditional key cutting.

Not only do locksmiths need to know how to work with electronic locks, they also need to be familiar with working on many different types of vehicles. Every make and model has its own security features, so it is necessary for locksmiths to continually update their knowledge and learn how to make new keys for all of the different types of electronic locks. For instance, one vehicle may have a security key fob, but an actual key. Another may have an electronic fob that acts as a key. Yet another may have a code to be entered.

Traditional Key Cutting is Still Common

Until there are no more older vehicles on the roads, there will always be a need for locksmiths who can cut traditional car keys. While recreating this type of key is not as complicated as making new electronic keys, it still involves a lot of work. There are two ways that this can be done. For the first method, the locksmith must take the vehicle door apart in order to remove the cylinder lock. Then, they must read the lock, and create a key that will fit perfectly into that cylinder. Often, the same key can be used to start the car as well. If the vehicle requires separate keys for the doors and the ignition, the locksmith will need to take apart the lock to cut a separate ignition key.

If you ever lose your car keys, a locksmith, such as AXCESS LOCKSMITHS, can make new ones for you. It will be a lot less expensive than getting new keys from the dealership.