Outdoor Living: 5 Wallet Friendly Ideas To Transform Your Patio From Gloom To Bloom

by Cheryl Dunn

Though it's completely natural to spend time outdoors in summer, chances are that if you have a dull looking patio you won't use it as much as you should. An average patio renovation could cost you anywhere between $1,620 and $8,000 – that's a lot of money when you've got other expenses. Simple modifications in patio designs won't cost you a fortune, as long as there's no need for major structural changes, and will transform the way you use your space. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some wallet-friendly ideas to transform your patio designs.

Paint Afresh

Give your surrounding patio walls and furniture accessories a fresh coat of paint for a crisp and renovated look. Preferably, let your patio colours complement the colours of your home for a sense of uniformity. Stick to two or three shades of the same colour so the space doesn't look outlandish. For example, if you're looking for a sleek and modern look, consider neutral light colours for all your furniture and floor. If you're interested in a rustic finish, consider re-staining your wooden floors, furniture and accessories for your patio designs.

Embellish with Lighting

Your patio should have as much personality at night as it does in the day. Illuminate your dark patios with outdoor lighting to give it that extra zing in the night. Choose energy-efficient lights that protect the environment and save you money on electricity bills. To determine where you want to install lighting, decide what trees and patio areas you want illuminated to enhance the look and improve the safety of your patio. Hire an electrician to install lights, since Australian law only permits licensed professionals to undertake major installation work.

Accessorise The Space

Install items like outdoor tables, chairs, bar units and couches to give your patio a sense of snugness and interior-like charm. Not only do they transform your space, but they are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Add character to your patio by choosing unusual furniture at garage sales or flea markets for a fraction of the cost. For example, you can choose old metal frames or vintage wooden pieces to create distinctive lounge furniture. Add matching pillows, rugs and cushions to complete the look. 

Add Plants

Adding vibrant plants is the simplest way to adorn your patio space. Visit your local nursery to select plants that thrive in local conditions. Edging your patio space with plants and flowers will make it look more intimate and welcoming.

Soothing Effect of Water

Water brings a sense of peace and serenity – that's why it's a fabulous patio addition. Enhance your relaxation time with water fountains placed in your patio. You can even make your own water piece with old empty pots – clean them up, give them a fresh coat of paint and add water to them. Finish them off with elegant floating candles to illuminate the area with candlelight.

With these simple but powerful patio ideas, you won't have to worry about paying a fortune for brand new patio designs. Talk to a patio designer, such as Lifestyle Patios, for more ideas and professional installation assistance.