4 Things To Know About Slashing Contractors

by Cheryl Dunn

When you own a farm or a house on a large acreage, you may not have the time or the inclination to keep your property maintained to the acceptable standard. In that case, you should think about hiring a slashing contractor to take care of the land on your behalf. To help you understand what they can offer, here are some things to know about slashing contractors.

1. They Can Make Fire Breaks -- Fire breaks are artificially-created breaks in your land that gives you protection against brush fires. Typically, a slashing contractor uses a plough to gouge out earth and make a 'break' that acts as an ending site for a fire. The break is effective in stopping brush fires from burning unabated and can help save your acreage from a total loss.

2. They Can Slash Grass -- Given their name, slashing contractors are experts at slashing, chopping, mowing and otherwise getting rid of overgrown grass. But unlike your typical residential mowing, slashing is accomplished through the use of massive tractors equipped with slashers that can scythe through every kind of grass. And even if your property is dotted with hills and embankments, the slashing contractor has specialised equipment such as long arm attachments that can reach up these slopes and continue the cutting work. Slashing contractors are also experts in getting rid of dead or contaminated grass so you can plant new vegetation.

3. They Can Get Rid of Trees & Shrubs -- Slashing contractors are also trained to get rid of unsightly shrubs and trees that have become a blight on your property, or that you need to remove for space reasons. Typically, they wouldn't just cut these shrubs, they would remove them from their deep roots to ensure that the shrubs have no chance of growing again. And if you have trees or tree stumps that need removal, slashing contractors can use specialized stumping equipment to excavate those stumps, and they can also provide tree-lopping services if you want to trim large trees, or complete tree removal, which is more labour-intensive and will incur additional fees.

4. They Hate Weeds Too -- If your property is overrun by weeds that you can't control, slashing contractors can use special chemicals to get rid of weeds, without harming your grass. They can also get rid of insects that are damaging your grass through the use of pesticides. Typically, slashing contractors, like at Southern Mowing & Slashing, would use a tractor with a sprayer mechanism attached to the back, enabling them to cover your entire property with herbicides and pesticides.