How to Fix Holes in Vinyl Windows

by Cheryl Dunn

The great thing about vinyl windows is that they are so durable. However, in extreme circumstances vinyl can become cracked, chipped or dented. Many people think that repairing such blemishes in vinyl windows is not as easy as it is on wooden windows. However, with the right tools and materials, you can patch vinyl.

Preparing the Surface

If your vinyl is scratched or roughed up, you need to smooth it out before you patch it. Use super fine sandpaper and steel wool to smooth it out. Use sandpaper with 360 grit or higher. Then smooth out the surface further with the steel wool. The sandpaper might rub off some of the paint, but do not worry because you will need to repaint the area later anyways.

Patching the Holes

To patch holes and dents in vinyl, you need to use body filler putty. The most reliable products for vinyl windows are auto body fillers. Automotive putties are waterproof, durable, paintable and easy to work with. To patch vinyl use a plastic putty knife, not a metal one that can scratch the surface. Apply the solution liberally, filling the holes so the hole is densely filled. However, try to scrape the putty so it is flat with the surface. The filler will dry up to be very hard and sanding down large lumps can be very time consuming. So try to make it as flat as possible before it dries. Repeat the same sanding steps around the filled hole after the filler has dried.

Painting the Patches

Painting the smooth surface of vinyl frame is a little bit tricky. You cannot use a paintbrush without leaving behind noticable brushstrokes. So it is best to spray the patch with spray paint. Painting with spray paint is difficult so practice on a disposable piece of cardboard. Once you have mastered the technique, you can spray your frame. Tape off the area around your patch with painter's tape and paper. Remember that overspray from a spray can be messy, so cover a large area. After the paint has dried, it might be shinier than the vinyl surface. If this is the case, you should just lightly buff it down with steel wool.

It is important to fix holes in vinyl before they become a problem. Small holes can let in insects, termite and water that can lead to mould, so fix them before they become a major issue. Call a professional, like AAA Glass, as you get your project going to get extra help.