New Home Moves | 5 Smart Hacks To Save Space in Small Homes

by Cheryl Dunn

Perhaps you're due to retire shortly or maybe you just don't need all that extra space-–either way you've decided to downsize and move to a smaller home. Moving to a new home is a test for anyone, especially when you're moving to a completely different style of living. Of course, the best part of smaller houses is smaller bill-–lower electricity, less water and less maintenance work-–good enough reasons for anyone to downsize. Relocating to a smaller home needs meticulous planning and careful thought, so you don't overcrowd your space. Here are some smart hacks to save space in your new smaller home.   

Cut Back On Clutter

Imagine if a fire destroys all the possessions in your home. What items will you be upset to lose? The answer to this is the first step in deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.  Perhaps you've got boxes of clothes and utensils that you forgot about-–if you didn't know about them, chances are you don't need them. Use only essential items to lessen visual clutter.

Install Wall-Mounted Furniture

Instead of large beds occupying the entire room, why not consider wall-mounted beds that fasten into the wall when not in use? Similarly, you can install wall-mounted drying racks, work desks, dining tables and television units. Wall-mounted furniture that can be closed up after use frees up floor space for more spacious living.

Go Vertical With Storage

Trick your new house with vertical storage solutions before you move in. Consider fitting floor-to-ceiling storage to make the most of the limited space. Install hooks and racks over your doors to free up space. Fix extra rods, shoe racks and hooks in your closet and side doors. Vertical storage reduces clutter and clears up floor space.

Staircase Drawers 

When you are moving to a smaller home, you can't afford to waste even an inch of space. Staircase drawers are a unique solution that provides a large amount of concealed storage-–your clutter will cleverly be hidden from plain eyesight.

Consider Clever Multi-Function Furniture

Multi-function furniture is a clever way to save space in small homes. For example, you may only have room for one table, so get one that doubles up as a coffee table, dining table and work area. Get sofas and chairs that convert to sleeping beds-–this is especially useful when you don't have guest bedrooms. Choose furniture with monochromatic colours instead of dense prints to create the impression of space. 

When moving to smaller new homes, don't be too sentimental with your old household items and take the time to decide what's necessary to facilitate more space.