The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Wood Blinds

by Cheryl Dunn

When it comes to window coverings, there is a wide variety out there. Among the different varieties of window treatments are blinds, which offer you a beautiful appearance and the convenience of opening and closing them with ease. Bamboo wood blinds are some of the most popular types of blinds, offering the sleek look of wood but not quite the price of hardwood materials. Here are the different pros and cons of bamboo wood blinds.

What Are the Pros of Bamboo Wood Blinds?

There are many advantages to choosing bamboo wood blinds for your home. The first advantage is in the colours available. Since bamboo wood blinds can be dyed, they may come in neutral or bright colours, from white and grey to baby blue or bold purple. You can also get them stained similar to natural wood, with intricate grain detail, or look like the natural brown colour of bamboo.

Bamboo wood also offers beautiful texture, which is a wonderful addition to any room's decor. They can be tightly woven to allow for better privacy and light control. Loosely woven is available too, for rooms not requiring privacy and for which light is not an issue. Bamboo wood blinds can also be inexpensive, a plus to any home decorator on a strict budget.

What Are the Cons of Bamboo Wood Blinds

Before selecting bamboo wood blinds, it helps to also be aware of the potential disadvantages. Although they are durable, bamboo wood blinds are still easier to damage than the other wood blinds on the market. If you want your bamboo wood blinds to block out light and air, you will need to choose ones with the slats closer together, as traditional blinds let in quite a large amount of light.

Some of the bamboo wood blinds have ragged edges, as they are more closely matched with traditional bamboo. You may need to pay more for blinds that have smoother edges, similar to natural wood blinds. The outstanding texture may also make these blinds more difficult to clean and keep clean. These blinds are inclined to be susceptible to moisture and sunlight, changing them over time.

Bamboo wood blinds can be an inexpensive, beautiful choice for your home, like from Blinds 2 Go Pty Ltd. There are drawbacks, of course, but any style or material of blinds have their own set of positive and negatives. Determine what factors you are looking for in a window covering. These factors should include privacy, light control, air flow, style, durability, ease of use, cleaning and price. After compiling the facts, bamboo may very well be for you!