How to keep teak garden furniture in good condition

by Cheryl Dunn

Teak is a tropical hardwood and one of the most popular woods used in furniture making. Found mainly in Southeast Asia it has natural elegance, is lightweight and pretty easy to maintain. A-grade, fully machine made teak garden furniture is expensive and if you are purchasing it you will need to know how to maintain and protect it against things such as adverse weather conditions.


First, and most importantly, you need to regularly clean your teak garden furniture. You should sweep the furniture with a soft brush to remove any loose bits of dirt or debris and then wash. Bird droppings and stubborn stains should be removed using copper or brass wool before washing. Do not use steel wool or anything as hard as that, because it will scratch the wood and leave marks.

With a sponge and soapy water you should gently scrub the furniture until it has a glazed look. If their is grease, mould or mildew on the furniture you can use vinegar in the water to remove it. Once you are happy that a thorough clean has been done, you should rinse well with clean water, preferably hosing it down, and then dry the furniture with clean towels.


Mopping and sanding are the most essential parts of maintaining your teak garden furniture. You should regularly mop the furniture with a cloth to remove any oils that have excreted from the wood. You should also sand the wood when it starts to appear grey in colour and apply sanding oil. The oil can then be reapplied every few months to maintain the wood's brown colour.

Preservation of teak furniture is equally as important as regular cleaning. This should be done by using a foam brush to apply a double coat of quality teak sealer for maximum protection. Remove any excess sealer with a dry, clean cloth and leave to dry out completely. If you need to wash the furniture for any reason in between the first and second coats you should just use water. Using teak cleaner could remove the first coat of sealer.


As well as carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance on your teak garden furniture you should make sure it is kept covered with tarpaulin when not in use to protect it from adverse weather conditions. Although teak is a very durable wood and its natural oils can protect it from the weather, covering it will help to increase its lifespan.

If you regularly clean your teak garden furniture, maintain it and keep it covered in bad weather it should last a life time. For more maintenance tips, talk to a teak furniture specialist or retailer, such as The Weekend Furniture Co.