Preserve Your Memories And Store Your Photographs Correctly

by Cheryl Dunn

Pictures offer a glimpse of your history. Whether it's your child's first photos or your own childhood pictures, photographs ensure that your memories are preserved. Since these pictures are so precious, it's important to exercise care when storing photographs in a storage unit. Failing to store your pictures properly could not just destroy the photos, but your memories as well.

Photo Album

Whenever possible, never toss your photos in a large bag or a box to store them away. You should be placing your photos inside a photo album before packing them. Storing your photos this way protects them against dust, dirt and other debris that could damage the pictures. When looking for an album, look for one that has been designed with plastic sleeves that are made from a polyethylene material and not PVC.

When pictures are stored in PVC plastic they have a tendency to stick to the plastic after a long period of time. This makes the photographs more susceptible to fading or staining, which can damage your photos. Polyethylene is designed to prevent sticking and the damage that comes along with it. A quick glance over the album's description should offer details about its materials. If you're having difficulty choosing an album, consider visiting a photo shop for further assistance.

Choose Climate Controlled Units

In an effort to cut cost, some people will choose a non-climate controlled, or outdoor, storage unit. If you choose this type of unit and you plan to store photographs, you're pretty much asking for your photos to be destroyed, particularly during the summer months. When the temperatures are warm on the outside, the inside of a non-climate controlled storage unit will be even hotter. If your pictures overheat they can crack or even melt.

As the temperature inside the unit fluctuates, this can also lead to excess moisture seeping into the photo album. Even with a high-grade, polyethylene album, this excess moisture can damage your pictures. Make an investment in your precious memories and spend a little extra for a climate controlled unit. If for some reason you are absolutely unable to get a climate controlled unit, request a storage unit facing into the facility, rather than one on the outside perimeter. While it will still experience temperature fluctuations, they won't be as extreme as a unit facing the outside.

Remember, your memories are priceless. Preserve your memories for generations to come by taking the time to store your pictures properly. Talk to the storage facility, such as All Purpose Self Storage, about the units offered and ask for more tips about storing delicate items.