Three Easy Ways to Restore Your Wood Furniture

by Cheryl Dunn

Wood furniture is often passed down from generation to generation. In order for the pieces to stay looking their best, they need to be well maintained. If you have a piece of furniture that was passed down to you that is lacking lustre, you can restore it without spending a fortune. Below are three tried and true methods for restoring wood furniture.

Coconut Oil

If you notice that some of the wooden surface has faded over time, coconut oil can be great for restoring lustre and creating colour uniformity. When you buy coconut oil, it comes in a jar and looks like a thick paste rather than a liquid oil. You will need to take a dollop of the oil and place it directly onto the surface that you plan to restore. Use a clean white rag to rub the oil into the wood. You need to cover the entire piece of furniture with the oil, as it will change the colour of the wood. If you do not rub the entire surface with the oil, it will be noticeable where it was and was not used.

Oil and Vinegar Restorer

To create an easy to use restorer, all you need to do is mix 60 ml of white vinegar with 180 ml of cooking oil. Use a clean rag to rub the mixture over the entire surface of the piece of furniture and allow the wood to soak it up. It could take an hour or more for the wood to completely soak up the mixture. Repeat the process once the surface no longer feels tacky to the touch.

Petroleum Jelly

If you have water rings on the piece of wood furniture, there is no need to stress about the situation. Put a dab of petroleum jelly on the end of your finger and rub it directly onto the spots that are faded and damaged. The wood will absorb the jelly and the colour of the wood should darken so that the ring is less noticeable.

If you determine that the furniture still doesn't have the look you want after you finish the restoration techniques, you may want to have it refinished. The finish will be removed and replaced to make the piece look completely different. You can also choose to paint the piece, but it is important to realise that antique pieces of furniture will lose value if they are painted.

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