How to Quiet Down Your Air Conditioner

by Cheryl Dunn

Air conditioners provide you cool air during the winter months when temperatures soar, but they can also be incredibly loud. If you are finding the loud noise of your air conditioner to be distracting or keeping you from sleep at night, there are a few things you can do. It is possible that the air conditioner needs minor repairs or is simply placed incorrectly, depending on the type of air conditioner. Here are some ways to quiet down your air conditioner.

Tighten the Screws

A common cause of rattling noises coming from an air conditioner is due to screws being loose. Check all screws used around the air conditioning unit and tighten them if needed with a screwdriver. Look on the front of the unit, where the plastic casing is, as this is often the place where screws are loose. They might have become loosened over time or perhaps were not tightened the last time you changed the air filter or had it serviced.

Replace the Insulation

Your air conditioner unit most likely has a type of foam material insulating it. This provides multiple purposes, including preventing it from sucking up too much hot air and to help reduce the noise the air conditioning unit produces. If this foam is old, it may begin getting mildewed or corroded. This can cause holes and tears in the foam, which reduces how well the unit is blocking noise. Take a look at the foam, which is probably located around the condenser of the air conditioner, and see if it needs to be replaced.

Repair the Fan Blades

Another reason your air conditioner might be making too much noise is if there is a problem with the fan blades. Open your AC unit, and find the fan blades. They are usually just behind the front panel, which can be removed with a screwdriver. If any of them look loose, worn or bent, it can cause them to make noises while they are running. You can either replace the fan blades or try to change the angle of the blade to see if that quiets the unit.

If you are still having problems with a noisy air conditioning unit, contact an HVAC professional, like Asset Associated Air Conditioning Pty Ltd. They will inspect your unit and make any necessary repairs. Many of these repairs will be simple and inexpensive but can make a drastic improvement in how much noise is coming from the unit. With regularly-scheduled maintenance, you can avoid this problem in the future.