Update Your Tile Roof to Improve Longevity

by Cheryl Dunn

If your old tile roof needs some work done it, you'll want to meet with a roofing contractor to see what you can to do preserve the tiles. A tile roof can last for a lifetime if you take care of it properly, and updating the roof can help you save money on energy costs throughout the year.

You will want to talk with a roofing contractor about ridge capping, adding a heat reflective sealant to the roof, and also improving the insulation. These things are going to protect your home, and make your roof more reliable.

Ridge Capping

Ridge capping is applying tiles over the point of the roof, to help keep out rain and moisture. The tiles will be applied with mortar, and are cemented into place. If you have a clay or tile roof, this process is going to blend in with the roof, and it's going to prevent leaks and ventilation problems. Ridge capping prevents an open area at the point where shingles don't overlap.

Cool Reflective Sealant

Add a cool reflective coating to the shingles to help conserve energy costs. The reflecting sealant will repel the sun rays to keep heat out of the building, and prevent heat absorption and to lower the air conditioning costs. It will also help preserve the life of your shingles.

New Insulation

Add new insulation under the roofline in the attic, and under the attic flooring. Polyurethane foam insulation is a great replacement option for the space, because it will expand to fill all gaps and cracks in the space. It will also protect against moisture leaks and other problems like pests.

New Gutters

Are the gutters on your home starting to pull away from the tiles, causing damage or exposing areas of the roof? If so, it's best to have the gutters replaced when you have the roof updated, and you'll want to choose seamless vinyl gutters.

These upgrades are going to help keep your tile roof in-tact while you live in the home, and should have your roof inspected every couple of years by a professional. If you notice any broken tiles on the outside of your home, or you see indications that there is a problem inside the attic, call the roofing contractors, like those at Above All Roof Maintenance, before the problem escalates. Making these protective and efficient structural upgrades on your tile roof is going to be well worth the investment.