Adding Traction and Style to Wooden Stairs with a Carpet Runner

by Cheryl Dunn

Adding a carpet runner to a staircase is helpful when you have a home full of kids and pets. Wet shoes and paws can make wooden stairs slippery, thus a little dangerous. If you want to add traction to your wooden stairs, as well as a little style, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Measure The Length Of the Stairs And Pick Up Your Supplies

Measure the length and width of your stairs. Pay a visit to the carpet supply shop and ask for a carpet runner matching those dimensions. They will know how much you need to cover risers and the tread. If they don't have the size or colour you need in stock, they can order it.

You will also need to pick up some carpet padding to lay on each stair, a staple gun, a knee kicker, a utility knife, and staples.  

Step 2: Lay The Carpet Padding

When you have your carpet runner, proceed up the stairs and cut the carpet padding with the utility knife to the width of the runner and length of the stair tread.

Lay one piece of carpet padding on each stair tread, stapling it down with the staple gun as you go.  

Step 3: Begin With The First Step

Starting that the bottom of the stairs, roll the carpet runner up a couple of stairs. The place the end of the runner where the bottom riser meets the floor and staple the carpet to the riser.

Step 4: Continue Up The Stairs

Pull the carpet over the stair to the next riser. Use the knee kicker to kick the carpet tight against the riser and staple it.

Step 5: Keep Rolling And Stapling

Repeat step four until you reach the top of the stairs. You should have enough carpet to reach the bottom of the top riser. Staple the end of the carpet where the last stair tread meets the last riser.

Optional: More often than not, the carpet will fill in around the staples, but you can grab the head of the staples, as you apply them, and wiggle them a little to loosen up some of the carpet fibres. When they loosen up, they'll cover the staples.

Take your time laying the carpet runner on the stairs. You want it to fit as tightly as possible so that it won't pose a slipping danger. In just a few hours' time, you should have a beautifully carpeted staircase. If you encounter any problems, the experts at a carpet supply store, such as Carpet Care Services Pty Ltd, will be able to help you correct them.