Should Your Home Have An Alarm System?

by Cheryl Dunn

Though it's something many people prefer not to think about, a burglar or intruder may enter your home at any time. Everyone has something they would want to protect, whether it be possessions or loved ones, and so it can seem like a good idea to install an alarm system. But is it really worth it?

The Good

The main selling point of alarm systems is the peace of mind they provide. Anyone who has felt a tinge of anxiety about moving through rooms late at night or entering an empty house after a long day can feel more safe and secure when they know an alarm system is in place. Intruders may not even have to set off the alarm before a security system sends them running -- the sticker the security company puts in your window can be enough to ward them off. 

Many modern security systems offer additional features that can be accessed remotely via smartphones and the internet. They make it possible to track the comings and going of family members, for example. Furthermore, thinking about money, some insurance companies lower your home insurance rate if you have a security system set up. 

The Bad

Those looking to invest in a security system will have to deal with the initial installation cost as well as the monthly fees after the fact. Once set up, security systems are often set off accidentally by family members, pets, and so on, which may prove annoying over time. Enough false alarms can also cause you to eventually disregard an alarm when it does happen, which means a real intrusion may go unnoticed.

Many burglars enter and leave extremely quickly, with or without an alarm, so by the time the police respond to the alarm, the burglar may be long gone. It's worth mentioning also that, although a pet can't call the police, in terms of warding off possible intruders and alerting neighbours and anyone present in the home, a dog performs many of the same functions as a burglar alarm system, and is much easier and cheaper to manage.

In Conclusion

Security alarm systems can be an effective deterrent for criminals and provide an added safety net for those who need it. However, they will cost money, and you will have to put up with the annoyance of repeated false alarms. There is no single right decision, so it depends on each person's needs and wants as to what choice to make. Talk to a security systems provider, such as Australian Security Company, about your concerns to get professional advice.