3 Tips To Get Your Dirty Shower Screen Clean For A Rental House Inspection

by Cheryl Dunn

One nuisance point of renting a home is having to put up with the quarterly house inspection by your rental agent. Many people find this experience stressful as they rush around trying to get the house tidy enough to divert negative comments during the inspection process. As someone who has an inspection scheduled in a couple of weeks, you know your shower screen really needs a strong clean, but removing the water splatters is causing you frustration. Here are three tips to help you get the shower screen sparkling clean now so that you can concentrate on tidying other parts of the home.

1. Magic Erasers

Magic erasers are little hard blocks of melamine foam, and you can purchase these are both supermarkets and hardware stores. These little blocks of magic are an amazing cleaning tool to have in your arsenal. After being rinsed in water, a magic eraser can be used to remove everything from pen marks on paint to calcium marks on a shower screen. All you need is a little elbow grease, and they disappear like magic. The best thing about a magic eraser is that it does not leave microfine scratches like abrasives and sandpaper will.

2. Vinegar

If you want to try cleaning your shower screen right now using an item you already have in the pantry, then go grab a bottle of vinegar and spray it onto your shower screens. Vinegar is acidic, so depending on how much buildup you have on your screens, it may help dissolve the marks. After you have sprayed and wiped down the shower screen, rinse away the balance of the vinegar using cold water. If vinegar is not acidic enough for your shower stains, then it's time to turn to chemical intervention.

3. Calcium Stain Remover

The white marks on shower screens are caused by an excess of calcium in hard water. Have a look in the cleaning product aisle of your supermarket for a calcium and lime residue remover. There are several companies which make this product, and it has a higher acidity than vinegar. It is sprayed onto the shower screen, left for a specified period of time, and then washed away with cold water. Because of its acidity, take extra care not to spray it on your skin or onto the chrome frame around your shower screen as it will damage them.

Test these three tips to get your shower screens clean so that you can avoid any issues with your rental agent on inspection day.