Why It's So Important That Your Removalist Is Trade Registered

by Cheryl Dunn

When you move house, you will need to be sure that the removalists you've organised are a reputable firm. But how can you be sure that your removals firm is a good one and not a scam artist? Here is some helpful advice on how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Ask For Proof That the Removalist Is Insured

You should always ask about your removalists' insurance arrangements. A genuine firm should be happy to show you proof that they are fully covered to transport your goods. Full insurance is very important, as you need to know that you could claim for damage to your goods if they were broken in transit.

Check To See That the Removalist Is Trade Registered

A good removal firm will be licensed and registered with the appropriate trade organisation. Registration not only proves that the company is legitimate; it also means that they will be fully insured.

If you take a chance and use a company that is not licensed to trade as a removalist, you risk having your goods stolen by scammers.

Make Sure the Company Has a Physical Location

Legitimate removal firms will have a physical location where their vans, packing supplies, and other equipment are stored.

When checking out a prospective removalists' website, always look for a firm that has a landline phone number shown as well as a mobile and that they have a physical address. To be extra sure, take a run down to the address to make sure it is genuine.

Scammers usually don't show a proper address and only list a mobile contact number, which means they could shut down the website and vanish overnight, taking your worldly goods and payment with them.

Be Wary of Very Low Fees

The cost of running a good removals firm is quite high. They have to pay experienced drivers, keep trucks on the road, pay for warehouse space and packing supplies etc. An extremely cheap pricing structure should therefore be a red flag that the company is not genuine.

It's far better to pay a reasonable rate for a good quality, insured, licensed removals firm than try to save a few dollars by hiring a potential scammer.

In Conclusion

When it comes to hiring a removal firm, always check that they are insured, licensed, and that they have a genuine physical premises. Be prepared to pay a reasonable fee to ensure that you get a good service.

Other home and garden companies, such as Din San Nursery, should also be registered to avoid problems.