• How to Mow Your Lawn When the Weather Is So Darn Dry

    25 October 2016

    It could be suggested that Australian mowers have to deal with more extreme weather conditions than mowers in other countries. This is particularly true in times of drought. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology officially classifies drought as being when rainfall within a three-month timeframe is in the lowest recorded decile for the region. Drought does not have to be officially declared for your lawn to be affected. Keeping a dry lawn neat and tidy requires a little more effort than when mowing your lawn in more regular weather conditions.

  • Five Tips for Reviving an Old Awning

    9 September 2016

    If you have an old awning that you want to revive, there are numerous things you can do to it. Depending on the condition of your awning, any of these tips may help. Take a look: 1. Clean the awning. If the awning has dirt or grease built up on it, a simple cleaning can work wonders. Detach the awning from its frame, and spread it out on a clean surface like a picnic table or a swept driveway.