Troubleshooting Your Split System Air Conditioning Unit

by Cheryl Dunn

There are many reasons you may want to invest in a split system air conditioning unit. Compared to regular air conditioning units, split air conditioning systems are more economical, energy efficient, versatile, and they offer independence in terms of control of your indoor temperatures. However, these systems may develop some problems and knowing what to do when they happen can help you find solutions early enough. For this reason, here are a few troubleshooting tips for your split system air conditioning unit.

Remote Control Won't Work

Many split system air conditioners come with a remote control feature to give you independent control of your indoor home temperatures. If the remote control to the indoor component of your split system air conditioning unit won't work, check the remote control's internal settings. For some split system air conditioners, you can operate the units on a timer control basis. If this feature was accidentally turned on, you need to turn it off for the remote control to work to the new commands that you need.

Outdoor Fan Won't Start

Your indoor unit depends on the proper functioning of the outdoor unit to operate efficiently. Therefore, if the outdoor fan won't start, you won't have the indoor temperatures you desire. Power supply failure is usually the major culprit in this case. The power failure could be a result of constant circuit breaker tripping. Therefore, find out the cause and fix it as soon as you can. Some of the reasons you may have constant circuit breaker trips include overloaded circuits and faulty electrical wiring.

If your electrical system is fine, check the fan motor, motor winding, motor, capacitor, or the motor bearing. If any of these is burnt out, replace it with a new one.

Air Isn't Cold

If the flow of air is good but you realise your home isn't cooling, your outdoor unit could be the problem. Start by checking the condenser fan to make sure it's running. While doing this, ensure that the condenser itself is running. If only the fan isn't running, turn off your unit immediately because the compressor could be damaged.

With your outdoor unit off, try pushing the fan blade. You will need something that you can easily stick through the grills. A stick or similar item should work well. Usually, the fan blade should move freely. If it doesn't, the fan motor could be burnt out and you will have to replace it. However, if the fan blades move easily but you find it difficult turning them, the bearing could be the problem. You can spray some penetrating oil on the bearing to get it functioning for a while. However, you will still need to replace the fan motor.

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