Services Provided By a Commercial Cleaning Company

by Cheryl Dunn

If you own your own business, especially a factory or industrial work facility, there will come a time when you will need the services of a professional commercial cleaner. Commercial cleaners are trained to provide you with a number of different services in addition to cleaning, so to help you understand what you can expect, here's a quick rundown of those services.

Floor Maintenance—Commercial cleaners, like those at Crystal Waters Cleaning Services, offer you a complete floor maintenance service, that includes wet and dry carpet cleaning, floor stripping to enable you to lay down a new finish, upholstery cleaning and floor polishing if you have wood, ceramic or natural stone flooring. Wet or dry carpet cleaning is a deep cleaning method that can rid you of bacterial, allergens, pollens and dirt that can affect the health of your workers. Wet carpet cleaning typically involves hot-water extraction or steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is usually done with powder cleansers. Wood floor polishing requires the use of a buffer and floor machine.

Commercial Vacuum—A commercial strength vacuum is typically truck-mounted and offers a much more powerful suction than a standard floor vacuum. Commercial vacuuming can help you get rid of liquids and large pieces of debris that are cluttering up your facilities. They are especially useful in medical clinics and factories, where non-hazardous liquid waste is common.

Pressure Wash—Pressure washing, also known as hydroblasting, is the use of high-pressure water to remove stains and ground-in dirt from floors and walls. This is a valuable cleaning service if you own a factory or food service company that tends to acquire a lot of grease and oil that can't just be cleaned with normal household products.

Hazardous Waste Cleanup—A commercial cleaning company can also make provisions to dispose of any hazardous or dangerous waste that you may have. This will likely incur an additional fee, as the cleaning company will have to bring out specialised trucks equipped to hold and haul the waste away. There are also laws regarding this type of disposal, which commercial cleaning companies must abide by when performing this kind of cleaning on your behalf.

Window Cleaning—Commercial cleaners can also wash all your exterior windows, and coat them with special sealants to provide extended protection against the weather. Many of these companies are also trained to get rid of hard-water deposits caused by rain, which require a special acid cleaning solution to remove.

One other thing to remember is that a commercial cleaning company has industrial strength chemical solvents that can remove stubborn stains and rid your work site of bacteria.