• Services Provided By a Commercial Cleaning Company

    30 September 2014

    If you own your own business, especially a factory or industrial work facility, there will come a time when you will need the services of a professional commercial cleaner. Commercial cleaners are trained to provide you with a number of different services in addition to cleaning, so to help you understand what you can expect, here's a quick rundown of those services. Floor Maintenance—Commercial cleaners, like those at Crystal Waters Cleaning Services, offer you a complete floor maintenance service, that includes wet and dry carpet cleaning, floor stripping to enable you to lay down a new finish, upholstery cleaning and floor polishing if you have wood, ceramic or natural stone flooring.

  • How to keep teak garden furniture in good condition

    22 September 2014

    Teak is a tropical hardwood and one of the most popular woods used in furniture making. Found mainly in Southeast Asia it has natural elegance, is lightweight and pretty easy to maintain. A-grade, fully machine made teak garden furniture is expensive and if you are purchasing it you will need to know how to maintain and protect it against things such as adverse weather conditions. Cleaning First, and most importantly, you need to regularly clean your teak garden furniture.

  • Things To Know About Bamboo Flooring

    17 September 2014

    New flooring presents you with many options, and sometimes you can feel totally overwhelmed by the process of finding the right fit. If that's your situation, you may want to consider the benefits of bamboo flooring. Here are some important things to know about this kind of flooring so you have a full understanding. 1. It's Not Wood -- Bamboo is actually a plant, and unlike most trees, bamboo can fully mature in about five years.

  • Locksmiths Make New Keys For All Makes Of Vehicles

    17 September 2014

    Cutting new keys for a locked car used to be one of the simplest jobs a locksmith could do, and one of the most common. That can no longer be said today. Modern vehicles come equipped with computerised security locking systems. Some of these systems are relatively simple, while others, such as those where there are no actual keys but electronic key fobs, are much more complicated. After all, how can you cut a key when there is no key in the first place?

  • How to Keep Your Sliding Glass Door in Excellent Condition

    12 September 2014

    A sliding glass door can work well for providing a view of the great outdoors, but your door does require a little bit of maintenance. If you follow these simple tips, however, you can keep your sliding glass door looking great and working perfectly. Clean the Track Regularly If the track of your sliding glass door becomes clogged with dirt and grime, it can be difficult for the door to open and close properly.

  • Three Tips To Make Moving Furniture Easier

    11 September 2014

    Moving is always a difficult task, but there are some items that are much more difficult to move than others. For example, large pieces of furniture can be both heavy and awkward to pick up. While it is possible to hire professional movers to relocate the furniture, it is important for you to properly prepare the furniture before they arrive. By making the moving task easier for your movers, you can help ensure that these pieces of furniture arrive at your new destination safely.

  • Tiny Office? Here's How to Maximise Your Space

    10 September 2014

    Having a tiny office can make it difficult to store and organise essentials and to get work done. If upgrading to a larger office isn't an option, however, you should know that you can still create an excellent work space. Follow these tips for making the most of your space, and you could be surprised by how much more spacious your small office can feel. Shop for Furniture That is Geared Toward University Students

  • A Few Tips to Remove White Spots from Your Timber Furniture

    9 September 2014

    Timber furniture, from stores like Furniture Design Australia, is beautiful when properly cared for. All spills, whether liquid or not, need to be wiped up as soon as possible to prevent staining.  Sometimes, a spill goes unnoticed, or you do not realize that the underside of a tablecloth is wet. This results in a white water mark that requires special treatment. If you place something hot on the timber, you will end up with a white mark that needs a different treatment to get rid of it.

  • How to Remove Dog Urine Stains from Carpets

    9 September 2014

    If your dog has left you a surprise on your carpet, fear not! There are ways to eliminate dog urine from your carpet without any stains and odours being left behind. You should never just place any chemical onto a stain and hope that it comes out. There are chemicals that work better than others, and you don't have to sacrifice your beautiful carpets just because you have a dog.

  • 3 Tips For Making Your Workplace Safer And More Secure

    8 September 2014

    Australia is a country that undergoes more burglaries (Slide 3) than anywhere else in the world, according to crime statistics. Because of this, you need to be extra certain that you protect yourself, your property and your employees from that threat. A burglary can bring property loss, property destruction and threats of violence, so follow some of these tips to help make your office building and overall workplace safer from outside threats.